Inception (2010)

With all the hype Inception has got, of course we had to go and see the movie. I wasn't extremely excited about the whole "dream in a dream in a dream" concept because dream worlds are usually rather disturbing for me. I don't know if it was this initiative opinion of mine that spoiled this movie experience for me, or was it just the fact that it actually wasn't a very special movie.

Inception had all the usual elements of an average Hollywood movie: love, drama, business, adventure, guns, thrill. Basically the dream thingy was the only different thing in the movie that probably made it the least bit interesting. Unfortunately it was left in the background - it was the excuse for all this other, normal movie stuff.
I haven't read any other movie reviews about it (just noticed that a lot of people have given it 4-5 stars out of 5), but, hello, Matrix much??? It's the same dream world idea, really, just not as cruel as in the Matrix. Not a 100% original idea. So shut up.

Seeing Ellen Page in a role like this was pretty depressing too. She is a comedian, goddammit. Making her up and putting her in a normal pretty girl role like this is totally ignoring her talent. She had probably two funny lines in the movie. Psh. Ok, I admit I haven't seen any of her other movies than Juno, but she was so brilliant in it that I'm sure funny roles fit her the best. I was kind of hoping that she wouldn't conform to the stereotype of a normal Hollywood female actress. Isn't there enough of those already.

For a movie to become one of my absolute favorites it needs to either
  • appeal to my feelings (Donnie Darko), 
  • have extreme beauty in it (No Country for Old Men), 
  • have an ultimate idea of challenging the normal ways of life (Fight Club), or 
  • have extraordinary acting (as Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight).
Inception had none of these. It was ok. Interestingly, if it had no guns in it, I'm sure it would have been much better.
Well, it did have a couple of positive things: Tom Hardy and Michael Caine. That's it.


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