The Offspring - Ixnay on the Hombre (1997)

I like simplicity in pretty much anything. Often times the simpler, the better. In music, this is also true, and that is why I don't really like progressive stuff (EXCEPT Opeth and Mastodon). Sometimes my crave for simplicity in music goes so far that I find myself listening to Basshunter (...), but usually I'm able to quench that thirst by listening to simple rock/punk rock, like The Offspring. Catchy songs that hit you in the head right away. This kind of music doesn't need analyzing for it to actually hit you. Riffs, lyrics, song melodies and everything gets you immediately.
I've been on/off listening to the Offspring since elementary school. Some of their latest songs from 2008 are ok, some are not, but the further back you go in their history, the better it tends to get. Yeah, Smash (1994) was a great album, but I'd say Ixnay on the Hombre (1997) is better, even though it might be more pop (maybe that is the reason?).
What makes Ixnay on the Hombre, and the Offspring in general, so great, is that they can make up some damn good melodies and incorporate them into these simple and catchy riffs. This, plus a great singer and the occasional speed of punk rock = awesomeness. There isn't one lousy song on Ixnay on the Hombre. That is not an easy thing to accomplish. I don't know what they were on when making this album, but I know they haven't been as good ever since.

Ixnay on the Hombre tracklist with comments when necessary:
  1. Disclaimer
  2. The Meaning of Life
    • Vocal melody, lyrics, speed + + +. I'll embed the video at the end of this post.
  3. Mota
    • Funneh, very catchy chorus.
    • "I take a hit but it smells like a clove / Oh fuck I got a baggie of oregano"
  4. Me & My Old Lady
  5. Cool to Hate
    • I like to listen to this on my way to school.
    • "Don't like nothin and I like that fine"
  6. Leave It Behind
    • Just listen to that genious vocal melody in the verse. O.M.F.G. 
  7. Gone Away
    • I know it's obvious the band gradually lost its punkness and street cred since they began gaining success, but I must say I was a little bit surprised to see Dexter in a hip shiny shirt and spiky hair in the Gone Away video :D Lol. I had pictured him with dreadlocks when listening to these songs.. (But I guess I had the Self Esteem video in mind.) Whatever, it's better than his 2008-hairstyle.
    • Anyway, this is a song for someone who has passed away, and again I was surprised to see this band doing something this serious. Pretty song, I never get bored.
  8. I Choose
    • Groovy. And there really is a deep message in the lyrics.
    • "This is life / What a fucked up thing we do / What a nightmare come true / What a playground if we choose / And I choose" 
  9. Intermission
  10. All I Want
    • This is a classic and everyone should listen to it. Great song in every way.
  11. Way Down the Line
    • This song is lyrically kinda depressing.
    • "Nothing changes 'cuz it's all the same / The world you get's the one you give away"
  12. Don't Pick It Up
    • Groovy and funneh! Makes me wanna boogeh.
  13. Amazed
    • This is the song that actually got me listening to this album now, in 2010. Some weeks ago I talked with someone on Omegle and asked their favorite song, s/he answered Amazed by the Offspring. After listening to it I was really... amazed :D I never knew the Offspring had these kind of themes in their songs, I guess I hadn't thought of them before. But I love these lyrics and I love this song. If I'd have to pick my favorite from this album, it would probably be this. 
    • "Yeah, if I make it, I'd be amazed / Just to find tomorrow / Yeah, one more day and I'd be amazed / Just to see it waiting / Yeah, and if I make it, I'm still alone / No more hope for better days / If I could change / Then I'd really be amazed"
  14.  Change the World
I'm gonna rate this album 9,5/10. Yes, it is that good.
And here's the Meaning of Life, enjoy.

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