Korn - Let the Guilt Go

Yeah, I still haven't bought the new Korn album, but I'm pretty sure I'll get it within the next couple of weeks. I'm getting quite addicted to this song.
I enjoy the fact that finally Korn sounds like they're actually playing the music.. The last couple of albums have had a very industrial sound, with a lot of effects and shit, but Let the Guilt Go is pretty straightforward, and doesn't sound like it has much other instruments than the obvious ones.
The band has stated in interviews that Korn is going back to their roots on this album, of which this song is a good example. The straightforwardness, the lyrics, the middle part where Jon mumbles to himself (it's definately not as impressive as the ones on the first albums.. but I'll get back to that later).. But it doesn't sound much like the old Korn since the band has evolved so much (only 3 original members left), and their musical skills are way better.
One of the most striking features in this song, for me, is Jon's singing. Damn, he can sing.. unlike in the 90's. He had a different appeal to his voice back the. Had more feeling in it. 
Then again, this professionality of Jon's voice and the music in general, as well as the band's age, leaves out the original authenticity that made Korn KoRn on the first 5 albums. It seems that the same sickness/desperation/madness cannot be reached anymore because it used to stem from problems of growing up, relationship problems, drug abuse and whatnot. Now the band members are sensible adults (gosh, in their 40s), and they sound almost happy. They cannot relate to those same feelings again. This is unfortunate, but understandable. It's evolution..

That middle part where Jon tries to put his feelings into
"I'm such a stupid fuck... Listening to my head and not my gut... "
etc goes a bit over the top. They are so clearly trying to get that old Korn thing back, but it's just not possible anymore.
Another thing that tells a thing or two about Korn is that teenage theme on the video. Will Korn always be music for teenagers? I think not. The band started out in the early nineties, which probably makes their oldest fans now about... their age? Idk, but anyway, I think they should let go of the teenage theme already. 
Nevertheless, I think this is a good song. For a 2010 Korn song. For me Korn is a very personal band, one of the most important ones, so I think that I will always, on some level, like the music they make. And that makes my opinion slightly biased ;)
Korn - Let the Guilt Go, 8/10

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