Playlist 19.12.2010

  • Heart: Magic Man
    • After watching the Virgin Suicides for probably the twentieth time, I finally looked up some of the songs on that movie. And then fell in love with a few of them, including this one. I find it extremely depressing what this band changed into in the 80's... I'd like to keep this 70's picture I have of them.. somehow so pure and authentic. Heart.
  • Eths: Méléna
    • One of Eths's heavier songs. Kicks ass.
  • Ajattara: Puhdistus
    •  One of my favorites from Ajattara. Full of EVIL. Released on their infamous christmas album a few years ago.
  • Ajattara: Joulupukki puree ja lyö
    • My favorite christmas carol. Period.
  • Limp Bizkit: Stalemate
    • Some Bizkit awesomeness from their debut album.
  • Heart: Crazy on You
    • Another Heart song I picked up from Virgin Suicides. I've heard this in other movies as well. Whoever composed that guitar melody (you know what I'm talking about) was a genius.
  • Deftones: CMND/CTRL
    • I fucken love those low guitars. And everything else too. I should write about this album, Diamond Eyes, because it deserves the ULTIMATE PRAISE I have for it.
  • Sotajumala: 8:15
    • I mentioned this before. This is the kind of death metal I enjoy. Clear sounds and vocals, still heavy as fuck.
  • N.E.R.D.: Spaz
    • It's nice to listen to some groovy beats for a change. I'll probably get bored of this sooner or later but just for now: I think Pharrel is hot.
  • Offspring: Leave It Behind
    • A good song doesn't have to be even two minutes long, does it.
  • Ajattara: Ilon päivä
    • Another christmas carol by Ajattara. This was their first christmas single back in... 04 or 05. And an awesome song. I wish they sounded more like this today.
  • Them Crooked Vultures: No One Loves Me & Neither Do I
    • Groovy song and great lyrics. Opening song on their self titled album. Which is also groovy and great. I think you should buy it.
  • Sotajumala: Panssarikolonna
    • I'm not a war enthusiast but I can't help it that Sotajumala makes good songs about it. This is from their first album.
  • Deftones: You've Seen the Butcher
    • WATCH THAT VIDEO YOU MOTHERFUCKERS. This is the best song I've heard this year. And I'd marry Chino just on the basis of that video.
  • N.E.R.D.: Everyone Nose
    • There are two kick-ass songs on N.E.R.D.'s Seeing Sounds - album, this is the other one, and Spaz the other. I like the "all the girls standing in the line for the bathroom".
  • Torture Killer: Defiled and Dead
    •  Another form of death metal that really, really pleases me. The serial killer lyrics are also very appropriate, as long as you don't take them seriously. Also, gotta love that sample at 2:13 and the violent kick in the stomach right after that. What could be more appropriate.
  • Raaka-aine: Katkera
    • I wrote about this band a while back, based on a few hit singles I'd heard on YouTube. Now, after listening to the whole album (Kipupisteet it's called), I find myself liking only this one song. There's just something very juntti (sorry, no equivalent English word.. in my opinion anyway) about that band. Their lyrics suck ass. And the music gets boring after a while. But this song has something different in it, I like it.
That is all.

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