Falling away from me

I think I'm falling out of love with Korn. I have had a very personal relationship with the music of Korn since I was 14, but now I'm starting to wake up and realize that they haven't done any perfect "wholes" since Untouchables (2002). Just random good songs here and there.

Take a Look in the Mirror (2003) had perfect quality of sounds, but songwise, there were only a few good songs (Break Some Off, Did My Time, Right Now). Thick sounds are not enough to base an album on. However the lyrics are more of the old Korn, which is good, but they also are beginning to lose their message, so to speak. The genuine, authentic feeling in Jon's singing isn't there anymore, at least not so strongly as previously. Though I do like the raw vocals he does on this album.
The annoying chorus melodies are also introduced on this album. I don't know what it is that annoys me, but for example the melody in the chorus of Everything I've Known annoys the shit out of me. Great guitars, great bass in the background, but... Ugh. Same with Let's Do This Now.
This was the last album with all of the original members.

See You on the Other Side (2005) was the final turn to something different. Head (Welch, guitarist) was gone (damn u, Jesus), so the band probably wanted to do something different. Sounds are good, mostly, and percussions rule, "ghostly" sound effects rule. It's a weird album, both in good and bad. It features one of Korn's best songs, imo, Hypocrites. In addition to that, there are a couple of nice songs (Love Song, Souvenir, Throw Me Away, Twisted Transistor), interesting new tricks, but also a handful of weird ass melodies. Lyrically, Jon is not focused only on himself anymore. Worked on Hypocrites, but... hmm. Don't know about the others. Many songs start promisingly, but then end up doing something too strange in the chorus and ruining it for me. What is it with these choruses? Examples where chorus is fucked up: 10 or a 2-way, For No One, Getting Off, Liar, Open Up...

Untitled (2007) introduced, again, a new kind of Korn with more eerie synths and somewhat groovy percussions. This album is a rollercoaster between awesome and awful songs.. Starts off promisingly (Starting Over, Evolution) but then slides into these.. exhausting songs (I get out of breath, in the not-so-good way when listening to Do What They Say and Ever Be), only to rise into awesomeness again (Innocent Bystander, Killing). It's confusing.

And now, the latest album III: Remember Who You Are (2010). I was excited when I heard Let the Guilt Go, it is an energetic song with A GOOD CHORUS (finally..), hoping the album would be as good as the song. But no. More than a couple of good songs (Oildale on this one) per album seems to be too much to ask. I like the simplicity, not too many gimmicks and it doesn't sound very "polished", but... no masterpiece. I don't know what is it. Going back to their roots probably doesn't work now that they are older and have only 3 original members left. And teen anxiety lyrics by a 40-year-old man.. Yeah.. I love Jonathan but I don't relate to him anymore. I no longer have dreams about him ;__;

Oh yeah, what also annoys me about this latest album is that the bonus version has a live track of Blind on it. Live track of Blind, which was the first hit song by Korn and which is featured on every.fucking.thing that they publish. The song is losing its value and I hate it. STOP PUTTING IT EVERYWHERE. God.

I don't know if I can ever relate to Korn the same way I did only a few years ago. Of course not only the band has changed, but I have changed as well. Everyone does. Sigh. Here are some of my favorite songs by Korn. The REAL Korn (1994-2002). I am AMAZED at the huge difference between these and the new stuff. Amazed and sad..

TRASH (1999).
DIVINE (1994)
GOOD GOD (1996)
KILL YOU (1996)
SEED (1998)
HEY DADDY (1999)
FAGET (1994)

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