Ernie & Bert: how far can you go

This is like the funniest video I've ever seen... :'D But what's even funnier, is that the "song" on that video is an actual piece of music performed by a band called Last Days of Humanity. The song is called A Divine Proclamation for Finishing the Present Existence. Charming. Apparently this is a genre named goregrind. I listened to other songs by this band and some of them are ok and rather entertaining as music, but the most brutal ones (like this one) are entertaining on another level altogether and definitely fall into the category of funny shit, in my opinion.. It's like burping over random noise! Fuck yeah. Makes me wonder how deep do you have to go in extreme metal to find this kind of stuff appealing. Really fucking deep I guess. When you go really brutal, it doesn't even matter what you play, as long as you just make incomprehensible noise with whatever instrument you have. Not to mention lyrics.. Why bother writing anything when you can just burp away? Buuuurrpp. A random comment on this song said "Sounds like my asshole." I'm gonna have to agree with that. Funny though.

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