The Gathering // Agua de Annique

I think I'm finally getting over the fact that Anneke van Giersbergen is not the singer of The Gathering anymore. It took me over a year to have the courage to listen to the "new" Gathering, with the new singer... The Gathering is one of those bands that I'm really emotionally attached to, and when a band like that changes its most essential element, it's... scary. But now, I've been listening to the first non-Anneke album, The West Pole (2009), for a while and I'm beginning to get used to this new singer, Silje Wergeland. Of course, at first you can't help but compare her to Anneke. That's just a compulsory stage, I think. But once you get over how different she is, you start to see her as herself, not Anneke's substitute. And that is when you realize that it's not that bad..
So far, my absolute favorite song from the "new" album is the title song, The West Pole. Absolutely wonderful.

I'm also glad that Anneke is still involved in music, although her style is in some respects a bit too pop for me. However, there are many really good songs. Often times her voice is all that's needed to make it a good song... She really is an amazing singer.

Here's the song Wonder from Anneke's (i.e. Agua de Annique's) 2009 album In Your Room. Beautiful.

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