Cerebral Bore

These chicks just won't cease to amaze me. Som (Simone) from the brutal death metal band Cerebral Bore is, in my opinion, above the average screaming girl, because - I hate to say this, but - she doesn't sound like a girl. Compared to for instance Alissa from The Agonist; Alissa is a beautiful girl for sure, but she begins to sound rather annoying after about 3 seconds in. Obviously the genre is somewhat different but that's not the point. The point is simply what sounds good to me. I prefer growling to screaming, I prefer a low voice to a high one. If it makes me a misogynist then.. so not. I do like girl singers if they're good. This Som girl is good.

Cerebral Bore is mainly based in Scotland, but the singer Simone Pluijmers is from Holland. Apparently the band spotted Simone on YouTube in 2010, where she had her own channel presenting her vocal skills. And get this: at the time Simone was only 18. Which makes her no less than 19 now.  :O  I'm just.. amazed.

(Her singing videos are still up on YouTube, here's one.) 

Here's a fresh video out of their debut album, which was released just earlier this month, I think. Both the album and this song are called Maniacal Miscreation. MOSH.

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