Total Devastation - Reclusion

Ah, the Finnish spring rain. +3 degrees (celsius), no blue sky in sight: only grey, snow almost gone but nothing greening just yet. The in-between time.. So there I was, riding my bicycle in the cold rain. Like a boss. Toes and fingers freezing. I hate traffic noise so naturally I had my headphones on. Mp3 player on random play, I was trying to find something appropriate for the mood I was in. What would fit into this wet, annoying journey of mine.. Then, suddenly it struck me. The soundtrack for riding your granny's old bike in the rain: Total Devastation's Reclusion (2005). Fucken dirty, filthy and violent. A mixture of all the dirtiest elements of death, punk, heavy rock and a dash of industrial shit as well. Suddenly my 20 kilometer journey didn't feel bad at all. I could have gone on and on. I would've liked to see my face now, when I was riding, as fast as I could, blasting Total Devastation's Ground Zero way too loudly on my headphones.. These are the times when I feel like a big, fat, bearded dude. Riding my granny's old bike. If you know what I mean. Awesome feeling.

Total Devastation is a Finnish DIRTY metal band. I learned today that they have two vocalists who sound exactly the same.. Uh, I guess it's convenient. Since 2003 they've released four albums, of which the second one, Reclusion, was my soundtrack today. I think they have definitely created something original, their own thing, which is a mixture of all these dirty elements of metal and then they've spiced it up with some industrial/electro samples. I think it sounds good, although at least in my case a certain kind of mood is needed to achieve the full Total Devastation experience. Definitely outdoors is better - I think that the overall atmosphere (production) on Reclusion is a bit stuffy. I don't know if it's just my in-ear headphones that do this, but I do need to take the headphones off every now and then (when I'm indoors) to let my arse ears breathe.
(Sidenote: I just recently wrecked my less-ear-suffocating in-ear buds (Pioneer), so now I'm left with my Skullcandy Inkd's, which are a bit too suffocating and isolating at times. If only I had the money I'd buy proper headphones that are neither buds nor in-ears.)

My favorite songs of the album are Full Circle (probably the fastest song on the album) and Ground Zero, but I cannot find them online, so here's Murderous with the official video. A decent song as well. Great for exercising in the cold...!

Total Devastation's Reclusion gets 7,5/10 from me. If it was a bit more airy, I guess the score would be higher.

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