Eths - Des hommes bons

Old Korn/Slipknot sound (particularly the drums) + bad-ass girl vocalist + French lyrics that I don't understand = excellence. I WUW THIS. One of the best ETHS songs in my opinion.
Des hommes bons was released in 2000 on an album called Autopsie. The band is now working on a new album. Should be awesome. Their latest album came out in 2007.

I should write a longer review of this band or some of their albums. And I should write more reviews/anything in general, I have so many ideas and so many albums, bands and songs that I have something to say about but writing always requires a certain state of mind (and a caffeine high). And time. Well, the summer's almost here, maybe I'll have more time to immerse myself in great music then.
I would also like to write about movies. We'll see.

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