Korn & Skrillex - Get Up

Well well well. Korn has shed its skin again. I'm quite glad about this new direction the band has taken, however temporary it might be. So, the band has paired up with a dubstep artist called Skrillex. I've never heard of him before, but after listening to his solo songs, I have to admit some of them are pretty good. I haven't kept up with all the directions electro music has taken these days but dubstep is not bad at all. Unless it's like a 15-minute song repeating the same shit over and over again.
Oh yeah, and Dubstep parrot on YouTube is legendary.

Anyway, the dubstep stuff goes really well together with Korn. Without them this song would be rather lame.  The lyrics are lame, and the chorus melody AGAIN is quite crappy. But it's nice what they've done with it. Particularly the SHUT THE FUCK UP GET UP part. I thought it was SHUT THE FUCK UP KIDDO first. Haha.

7,5/10 for GET UP. Quite good for a Korn song.

Here's Skrillex's 'Director's cut' of Get Up.

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