Deftones - Diamond Eyes (2010)

Not that many albums are able to get me into an absolute state of euphoria. Albums that are almost perfect, from start till finish, in nearly every way (but nothing is totally perfect, ever..). There are a few albums like that, and just last week while washing the dishes, I realized that Deftones's Diamond Eyes is now one of them.

Diamond Eyes was released in 2010. Over a year ago now. I think one of the main reasons for me to be so into this album is that this is the first Deftones album that came out after I'd started to like the band. Yeah, I woke up kinda late to Deftones, maybe about two or three years ago, and I went through the older albums in a rather random order, not seeing or hearing so clearly how the band had evolved. It is a special feeling to be there, in the same time, when a band release an album. For me at least. It makes it more personal. The album is new, they've just done it, so you're somehow closer to the band. So in this respect, Diamond Eyes was for me the first Deftones album that I could personally relate to, more than to the older albums.

The absolute main reason for this album's perfection, though, is the fact that it is musically in every respect SO FUCKING BRILLIANT. If I had to describe what art is to me, I'd straight out point out Diamond Eyes by Deftones. You know, when you can clearly hear and taste the musicians' passion when they've made the music... They ARE the music. They're not just playing it. They are in it, they breathe it, just like me, when I'm listening to it...
Honestly, I cannot emphasize just how much I adore this album. I feel like I'm high when I listen to it.

LOVE. Picture: Warner Bros Records.
Diamond Eyes has every best part of what Deftones is and has ever done. (Except Chi, the bass player, who'd been injured in a car accident. I think he's recovering now.) The music of Diamond Eyes is a perfect mixture of heaviness, softness, amazing production, some serious ass-whipping and emotions. Dreams. Instrumentally, I love love LOVE the production. The Deftones way of having low, yet clear guitars is a major factor. Groovy percussions that from time to time are exhilaratingly strange, following the guitar riffs. Keys and samples in the background, being an important element in creating the dreamy mood, which is very characteristic for this album. And the vocals, oh my fucking god. Just based on the guitars and vocals on Diamond Eyes I'd marry Chino Moreno. Seriously. From the start, Chino has had his own way of "singing": he has created his own weird melodies, and done almost anything that is humanly possible to do with one's voice. Previously, he used to sing in a non-singing way, but now, he is more than ever a singer. He is an amazing singer, but possibly through all the experiments he's done with his voice, there is an unbelievable amount of emotion in his voice. However he sings. The vocal melodies are dreamy,  extremely creative, but sometimes he can just screw melodies and shout his heart out, and it still sounds amazing. FUUCCKK. To me, Chino is the heart of Deftones. It wouldn't be the same without him. NO ONE can sing like him.

Together these elements create a euphoria that to me is a 42 minute eargasm. I go from madness, to being high, to crying, within this album. Isn't that what makes good music good... It creates emotions. My god it does. I'd say the main feeling that I get from Diamond Eyes is a dreamy high. And, Diamond Eyes is extremely erotic music. Just... put this on and in half an hour you'll be in the mood for some. If there's no one around, just let Deftones do you!

Here is the official video of You've Seen the Butcher. This right here is a perfect piece of music. One of the sexiest songs on the album, a lot of that is due to the tempo and timing. The video is nicely created to fit the music, but fuck, I'd ditch the girls in it... The band would be enough. But, there is shirtless Chino, covered in blood, anyway, so... Ohh yes. 

The ass-whipping element that I mentioned earlier can be heard, for example, in CMND/CTRL. Another great example of the art of timing, as well as Chino's vocal range. 

What about the art of bloody awesome riffs plus Chino's talent in singing very unconventional vocal melodies? Here's the video for Rocket Skates. Isn't it great to like a big band that has money to do all these music videos... The only thing I'm complaining about is that apparently it's not possible to make a music video without stereotypically pretty girls in it. Yeah, nothing's perfect.

And, to end in a dreamy state, listen to 976-Evil and drown in that chorus... "So I gaaazee in your eyes and I wonder, can you taakee me on... Your haze.. that I'm under, come and wake me up..." Ahh.

I guess it doesn't come as a surprise that I give the full 10/10 for Deftones's Diamond Eyes. It feels really nice to sometimes find an album that you're completely pleased with.

Btw, the Deftones are coming to Finland in August. I will cry my eyes out if I can't be there. And I will probably cry my eyes out if I'll be there, too.

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