Gold Cobra

Wow. Limp Bizkit is finally done with their new album, Gold Cobra. It'll be published here (in Finland) on the 29th of this month, I think. Expectations for this album are quite high because it's made with the original Limp Bizkit line-up. Then again, I don't in any case think it will totally suck because I haven't exactly hated almost anything they've done before, expect maybe Behind Blue Eyes (which obviously was a cover) and some other sappy songs. Results May Vary from 2003 was their worst album, no doubt, but other than that.. I have no complaints. I don't hate Fred Durst, although he does appear like a self-centered asshole, but that's what rockstars are like. I find him interesting and musically very talented. I think there might be some cultural differences involved in the fact that I don't hate him - I pay attention more to how he and the band sound like, and not the lyrics, or his general behavior, which I don't know much about.

What the fuck do I know about music anyway. I don't need to justify the fact that I enjoy Limp Bizkit! Like Fred Durst declares in this song (and in every other Bizkit song), I don't give a fuck what none of yall people think! Yes. Here is their latest single, Gold Cobra. I like it a lot. It's not as aggressive as some of the old stuff. Fred's voice is a bit more mature. Still, the old Bizkit groove is there, with the drums and the awesome Wes Borland's guitars.



  1. Myös Shotgun on aika iskevä kappale. Saa nähä miten koko levy toimii :P

  2. Joo, sekin oli aika jees. Lupaavalta siis vaikuttaa!