WeSC Pick-up Review

I've been suffering from a lack of good "traditional" style earphones for a while, i.e. not in-ear buds but the headset kind (forgive me for the lack of right terms... tarkoitan siis sangallisia kuulokkeita). Recently I came across what seemed like a very good offer: light-weight Wesc Pick-ups for half price, which was about 16,50 €. I didn't find any bad reviews of them (maybe I should've looked harder), so I decided to give them a go. The lovely color (True Red, very retro) was also something that fascinated me. So, here's a review.

I'll go trough the pros first. The design is nice, reminds me of Koss Porta-pros, which probably tricked me into thinking these would be as good as them... The color is lovely, as I said, but I love red anyways. The cord is nice and thick, so I hope I won't be able to wreck it right away. Also, the cord is of useful lenghts: 0,4 m is attached to the actual earphones and then there's a separate 1,0 m extension to it. I use the short one when I listen to my mp3 player at home: I can just hang it from the short cord. That's about the only use for the shorter one, though. It's not long enough to reach my laptop, for example.
I guess another pro would be that they are rather light-weight, only 90 g. They are also adjustable, and they come with two sets of paddings, which I use both.

Then the cons. Unfortunately there are a lot more cons than pros. First off, I guess these are designed for small-headed and small-eared people... I don't think that I have an exceptionally large head, or ears, but the Pick-ups are very tight for me. They press especially on the highest part on my ears, whatever cartilage ridge that is, which results in discomfort and the ridge becoming slightly red even after short periods of using the earphones. Ouch. Even using both of the paddings does not help.

I listen to music quite a lot outdoors, when moving from point A to point B, often by bike. So I move pretty fast sometimes. The Pick-ups are not good for active moving outdoors, because you can hear the "wind" whistling in your ears so clearly that it muffles the actual music. Major, major disadvantage. You never get anything like this with in-ears.

And now the weakest point of all. The quality of sound sucks ass. I don't know if it is because I'm so used to the full, rich sound of in-ears. Possibly? Of course you get a fuller sound if you're able to shove the earphones INTO your ears. But anyway, compared to the best lightweight headsets that I've ever had, Sennheiser PX100s, these are a lot worse. They're not as bad as the ones you get for 10 euros or so, but definitely not as good as advertised. I broke my Sennheiser PX100s by using them outside in the Finnish winter... The cord at the plug end couldn't take it. I guess in that respect the Pick-ups might be a bit better since the cord is a lot thicker. But that's the only thing.

The quality of sound is rather superficial and somehow muffled, suppressed. It's like there's something in the way, blocking the sound. You definitely don't get a mind-blowingly full and rich bass with these. With all new earphones, I usually test them with Prodigy's Fat of the Land and if you don't feel the bass in your brain, it's a bad sign. The Pick-ups do not send the bass to your brain. Unfortunately.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend the WeSC Pick-ups if you really want a good quality listening experience. Surely these are better than the cheapest shit you can get, and you can get along with these if there's nothing better available. It's not like these are so bad you can't listen to anything with them. They're ok for everyday use, not blowing your mind -use. I listen to audio books, videoblogs and radio (speech) quite a lot on these.

On a scale of 1-10, WeSC Pick-ups get a 5/10.

First picture from here, others by me. 

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