Zombie Apocalypse Playlist

I ran into this and thought it'd be funneh... Let's see how it turns out.

1. Mastodon - Iron Tusk. Not a bad choice at all, although I've never seen zombies with tusks. Oh well, there's a first time for everything.

2. Torture Killer - I Killed You. Wow. This is perfect. I didn't cheat, honestly! I can totally see myself severing a zombie's head while Chris Barnes is yelling "Time to kill again, I will take out my revenge!"

3. Massive Attack - Exchange. Hmm, I guess this might fit into being chased by a zombie horde... in slow motion... Yeah, actually it fits perfectly.

4. The Prodigy - Serial Thrilla. Ok, well, at least there won't be any sad emotions attached to killing my loved one. Cruel. But it is fucking zombies, after all. "Taste me, taste me, succumb to me, succumb to me.." Yeah, take a shot at tasting me, zombie boyfriend, I dare ya..

5. Turmion Kätilöt - Teurastaja. Hell yeah, found a group of fellow butchers! "Pyörii lihamylly ja teurastajan pylly tahdissa vasaran", fuck yeah. Zombies.. prepare yourselves..

6. All Shall Perish - Deconstruction. A new lover appears but according to this song, I am still missing my ex zombie lover who betrayed me.. ehh.. by turning into a zombie.. which, of course, he did on purpose. Men. "I will never forget you, this pain will never leave my memories of you..."

7. Decapitated - Sensual Sickness. Final stand has been taken. "Fever of senses stimulates animal brain.." Omg, am I turning into a zombie??!!

8. Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone Again (Naturally). I think I have survived it all, but apparently I am the only one left.. Naturally.

9. Catamenia - Blood Trails. A bite mark on my arm! And blood trails! Holy fucking shit!!

10. Dark Tranquillity - Empty Me. Empty of my human self, I am now but an animal! Gggaaaahhhhh.... Brainss...

Well, this was fun. Metal songs fit perfectly into a theme of zombie apocalypse.. Hmm.. Maybe there is a conspiracy behind all this.. Metal musicians are actually zombies? Metal fans are zombies? Hmm..

Feel free to copy this if you want to know what your zombie apocalypse would sound like.

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