Black metal banjo?

A common reaction to the banjo solo on Taake's song Myr seems to be, in this order: 1. cracking up, 2. thinking "this is actually pretty good". That was my reaction too. Somewhat surprising, but fuck, it sounds better than you'd thing. However, I must say I think Myr is an exceptionally good black metal song even without the banjo. I didn't know "true Norwegian" bm today would sound this good. I'm positively surprised. I like the Scandinavian guitar melody thing, and the production. Seriously good production in black metal.. Sounds pretty damn good, in my opinion.

I've listened to the whole album (Noregs Vaapen, released just a while back) a couple of times and even though I find it monotonous at times, I still enjoy it, to a point where I could say Taake deserves a closer look from me.

To be honest, I don't know if I would've paid attention to Taake without that magical banjo. When you hear about a banjo being incorporated into black metal, it's just something you've gotta listen to. And when I did, I got interested in the band itself. It caught my attention and introduced me to some pretty decent bm, so thanks, banjo.
I just hope Taake won't be known as the banjo black metal band from now on...


  1. Awesome! i agree :)

  2. I think windir, in their song Arntor, a warrior, they have a banjo in the background. Its really subtle though