So I spruced up the place a little and also changed the name of this blog because, let's face it, Earache My Eye was a damn stupid name. Instead, I felt that Decapitated's song [A] View from a Hole would be a better name for my blog.

Reason no. 1. Decapitated. Duh.
Reason no. 2. View from a Hole is very descriptive of the stuff I do here: I write about music from my own personal point of view, which is a very narrow perspective. It's almost like I'm peeking through a hole. Get it? Great metaphor.

If you didn't know where Earache My Eye came from, it came from here:

"Gonna tie my pecker to a tree."

Ya. Do that.
Jonathan Davis is on the drums on that stupid song.
I'm sorry.

The original is by Cheech & Chong.

More changes possibly coming up at some point regarding the outer appearance of this blog.

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