I just fell heavily in love with this band.
Do you ever get the feeling with music when you're almost afraid to listen to a certain song or an album because it sounds too good, and you're afraid of your emotional response to it? I just got that feeling with Alcest's Les Voyages De Lâme, their new album, which was released only a while ago. (Actually, it will be released in Finland next week, 11.1.)

I haven't listened to their older releases... which is a fact that's both exhilarating and nerve-racking. I'm so excited that I have all this great music to explore, but I might get very, very lost in it, which is scary. Scary in a good way..

Alcest is out of this world. Literally. The songs are about another world, some sort of a dream land where Neige, the main man of the band, used to visit as a child. And I can see the world in front of my eyes as I listen to Alcest, and I don't even understand French..

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