Deicide - To Hell with God (2011)

Deicide is exactly the sort of death metal I need every now and then to unwind. Easy listening, a precise and polished sound that doesn't require philosophical pondering about whether it's actually good or not. It's good, mmkay. Deicide hasn't changed much over they years but they always deliver.
But I guess it's sometimes boring to, for example, always hear the same pattern in the timing/rhytming (how the fuck you say this..) of Glen Benton's vocals. And someone might also be bored with the theme of lyrics that never changes. (I'm not, I think it's quite entertaining and funny to see how they always come up with new, creative ways to bash Jesus..) But then again, staying true to what they are might be exactly the thing that keeps Deicide going after all these years. They are good at what they do, so why change anything.
However, there are some slight alterations, maybe: I think I'm sensing a lower tune in Glen's vocals at times, which pleases me a lot. Such as in one of the album's greatest songs, Conviction:

I feel a lot of sympathy and respect for these old school metal dudes who keep going and doing their thing after almost 25 years. For some metal musicians it seems that a brutal style of music is just a phase they have to go through, and later on they "convert" to mainstream or quit altogether. So I gotta give credit to bands like Deicide and Cannibal  Corpse who stay true to what they are and continue on and on. Let's see if Deicide is still going strong in another 20 years... 60-year-old dudes playing anti-Christian death metal, wouldn't that be cool??

7/10 for To Hell with God.

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