Demented Aggression

New Cannibal Corpse album "Torture" will be out next March, Demented Aggression is the first release of it.  It's everything you'd expect from Cannibal Corpse and that's exactly why it's good. It's viciously good. A perfect soundtrack for my demented PMS aggression right now. Let's hope the rest of the album will be as brutal and nasty as this. Evisceration Plague from 2009 wasn't as good as Kill from 2006, so maybe it's time for a CC masterpiece of violence now in 2012.

There's also some studio material online from the recording sessions of Torture. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Particularly the drummer, Paul Maz.. Mazurke.. Mazurkew.. Mazurkiwflhgspid - MAZURKIEWICZ's back problems. I mean, I'm not happy that his back hurts but I'm happy that he's fucked up his back by playing drums so violently and he's still going strong, despite having to lay in this strange upside down bed-looking device every now and then to get it sorted. He's been playing drums in CC since 1988, no wonder he got back trouble. Just listen to that shit on Demented Aggression.

And recording scratch tracks (whatever those are) in Alex Webster's pretty bedroom.. D'aww. If something's brutal, that's fucking brutal. And I'm not even being sarcastic. Really. How more brutal can you get than recording CC in Alex Webster's middle-class looking bedroom?

Demented Aggression = 8,5/10.

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