Limp Bizkit - Gold Cobra (2011)

I was very interested to hear what Limp Bizkit would come up with after six years since the previous album. The previous was The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1) and it didn't receive much attention, but in my opinion it's one of Bizkit's best albums. It was their maturest album - and a very welcomed change from the egocentric party songs they used to make. (Check out for example the awesome song The Truth from The Unquestionable Truth..)
So, I was kinda hoping they would've continued on the same path. But six years is a long time. People change: progress or regress.. Unfortunately, Gold Cobra is again filled with the usual mindless, blustering, self-righteous "party songs" of the old Limp Bizkit. Sigh. I think it's the rap-identity of Fred Durst who writes these lyrics. Perhaps the lyrics on The Unquestionable Truth were written by Fred's dad-identity..

"Douche bag
Imma fuck you up
Fuck you fuck you fuck you up"

That's pretty much the level of Gold Cobra's lyrics. The song that jumps out with regard to the lyrics is Killer in You, which is about a murderer running loose and you having to show him "where the home runs at". Hmm.
I guess specifically in the verses, the lyrics are more about rhyming and making the words fit the music, than about the content. So, from the point of view of what sounds good, this album has its good points. The groove is there, at times. But still, there are more fillers than actually good song. One horrible filler is the song Autotunage, which sounds like its done only for the sake of playing with autotune.
But the good shit: Lyrics aside, songs like Bring It Back, Gold Cobra, Get a Life and Why Try are again presenting Bizkit's finest qualities. The collaboration of those trademark guitars, drums, bass and DJ Lethal's turntables topped with Fred's vocals. He might be a douchebag but he knows what he's good at.

Here's Why Try:

Gold Cobra gets 5,5/10 from me. When it's good, it's good, but unfortunately there's not enough good.

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