Skindred - Union Black (2011)

I must give it up for Skindred. Union Black is their best album so far. Continuing to mix up different styles from reggae to electronica to metal, on Union Black they sound more unified than ever. On previous albums the different styles have been a bit all over the place. I'd say they sound more mature now, in a good sense.
Why I love Skindred is that they are able to mix heavy elements into a groovy sound. I think I've said this before.. but it's one of the things I often look for in music. I'm too demanding to like music that's only about the groove, like the shit you might hear on mainstream radio. I like groove when it's combined to other elements, like heavy guitars and drums. I guess "rap metal" or nu metal is what usually comes to mind about that kind of combination, but the truth is that about 90% of nu metal out there sucks ass. It's extremely difficult to make heavy, yet danceable music. Skindred is not nu metal, but they do exactly that. Skindred is... well, Skindred's Skindred. Impossible to categorize.

What I also love is that they have some pretty good messages in their lyrics. I guess this can be owed to Benji's (singer) Jamaican background and ideology. The song Get It Now is one of the best advice you can get and something that everyone should realize in life: "Go out and get it coz it nah come to you -- No time like the present so you know what to do -- Get get get get get it now!" It's simple but oh so true.
I've already praised Cut Dem, which is with no doubt one of the best songs on the album. And also one of the most different ones. Here's another one of my favorites, Game Over:

Union Black gets an 8,8/10 from me. I was very attempted to round it to a 9, but I'm confident that Skindred will be even better on the next album and that we've seen nothing yet..

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