What I listened to in 2011

Note that this list is not limited to the releases of 2011, but it's a general, subjective list of the best music I listened to in 2011. 

The best of my new discoveries:
- Decapitated. Oh, sorry, I mean, DECAPITATED!!!!!!!!!!!! Carnival Is Forever was my biggest love of the albums released in 2011. 
- Graveyard. Their album Hisingen Blues introduced me to a new side of heavy metal.
- Ghost. And Ghost, on their album Opus Eponymous, did the same thing, but in a slightly more demonic way. Hail Sweden!
- Iiwanajulma. The best, if not the only Finnish discovery I made this year. A band whose latest album was published in 2008. I'm not following my time.

My best album experiences:
- Mastodon - Leviathan (2004)
- Decapitated - Carnival Is Forever (2011)
- Ajattara - Murhat (2011)
- Deftones - Diamond Eyes (2010)
- Cannibal Corpse - Kill (2006)
- Skindred - Union Black (2011)
- Graveyard - Hisingen Blues (2011)

At this point I kind of wish that I had some statistics of what I've actually listened to, but unfortunately I don't, so I have trust my memory on this.. Based on what I remember, here are

My favorite songs in 2011:

- Hearts Alive by Mastodon.
- The Siren by Graveyard. The captivating ending song of Hisingen Blues. Insanely beautiful.

- You've Seen the Butcher by Deftones.
- Remnants of Divination by Monstrosity. An absolute perfect death metal song that I've been meaning to write about for ages. Hopefully I'll get my shit together at some point and review the whole album (Spiritual Apocalypse).

- Ihmisen luku by Ajattara.
- Ritual by Ghost.
- Purification by Fire by Cannibal Corpse.
- Spectrelight by Mastodon. In my opinion, the best song on The Hunter. The album did not blow my mind, but I think it's only fair... Only proves that the Mastodon dudes are not gods, after all. ;)

- BingoBango by Iiwanajulma.
- I am the Void by Dark Tranquillity. A textbook example of the best Swedish melodic death metal out there. This song has been stuck on my mp3 player for almost the whole year.
- Soturi by Routasielu. Unfortunately Routasielu's album Pimeys was not a full masterpiece, but this song is. The main man of Routasielu and a dozen other bands, Tuomas Saukkonen, is creating so much that it seems there's always only a few exceptionally good songs on his albums. This is the best one on Pimeys.

- The West Pole by The Gathering. I finally overcame the fact that the Gathering has a new singer and found out that the new Gathering is not bad at all.
- Dare by Krister Linder.
- The Bald Cadaver by Cerebral Bore. One of the few newer sound death metal bands that appeal to me -- possibly because despite their very 2010's technical dm sound, no -core suffixes can be attached to their respective genre. Also, the best female metal vocalist I've come across in ages.

- Cut Dem by Skindred.
- And, my absolute, ABSOLUTE favorite: United by Decapitated. If I'd have to give one song that defined 2011 for me, it would be this one. United is a flawless creation of musical geniousness. Topped with lyrics that really speak to me, this song is simply mind-blowing.

"Born with no herd instinct, afraid of the crowd
Forced to follow the rules, to obey your laws
Deserter in uniform, refugee on constant run
I'm not proud of victories, nor distraught with defeats
I refuse to take part in this conspiracy of lies
I take no orders from your idiot generals
How come, motherfuckers, that you always unite
for the wrong cases, under false flags?"

Other stuff worth mentioning:
- I almost listed Get Up or Narcissistic Cannibal by Korn and Skrillex to my list of favorite songs, but then, didn't. They're good songs, but not... awesome. The lyrics suck ass in both songs, which might be a good enough reason to leave them out. But I must admit, I've been listening to them quite a lot this year, so they must be good on some level.
- Through Korn and Skrillex's collaboration, I've been introduced to some easy-listening dubstep, e.g. Cookie Monsta and of course Skrillex's solo material. Good music to listen to if you don't want to think about anything.
- Huoratron was my electro favorite.


This year, I was a more active music listener than last year, but still, I feel that the more great music I find, the more I also realize that the music I listen to represents only a very tiny portion of the great music that exists in the world. The difficulty in finding it is to know where to look for it, and to have the time and the patience to let it find you. That's a challenge for the coming years.

Also: Despite my love for music, I did not witness any live concerts in 2011. Reasons for this are my quiet and isolated lifestyle and the fact that I don't go out (I mean, to bars and clubs and whatnot), and also the fact that I hate mass events and being in crowds in closed spaces. However, I love live music. So. One of my new year's resolutions is to go to at least one live concert in 2012. To restrict it to only one concert should make it easy to realize... Let's see how that works out :)

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