Wolfmother - Cosmic Egg (2009)

I felt terrible for buying this album for 4 Euros. FOUR EUROS. That is a ridiculously small amount of money for such a masterpiece. I'm sorry, Wolfmother ;__;
My knowledge of Australian rock music was pretty much restricted to AC/DC and Silverchair. And Pendulum. But then came Wolfmother and I was blown away. They have sort of a classic rock sound that's been updated to a modern age, but not too much, and it has a nice stonery heaviness to it, if you listen to it from a metal head's perspective.
Wolfmother is more positive and "happy" than the music I normally listen to. And I'm not even annoyed at it, usually. I think I'm growing up! Wow. But getting used to pretty and happy music doesn't mean that I'd listen to it all the time. A song like Far Away doesn't sound good every day, if you know what I mean. It is beautiful when I'm hormonally stable.

Wolfmother provided me another growing up experience as well.. You see, I've never been a big fan of higher male vocals. I've been of the opinion that the male singer in question must be wearing pants that are too tight, which then cause his voice to go to unpleasant heights. It sounds painful, frankly. But from the first time I heard Wolfmother, I never once thought that Andrew Stockdale's high vocals sound bad in any way. Despite the fact that he indeed DOES wear tight skinny jeans. (The stupidest male fashion trend ever, if you ask me.) But I never questioned his vocals because they are just so good. And what he can do with his voice, holy mother. Take Violence of the Sun, for example. It is in all respects one of Cosmic Egg's masterpieces, both musically and vocally. It appeals to me because of its slight melancholy, I think. Starts off softly, giving out small doses of heaviness until the epicness explodes. Heavenly. By the way, he screams out my name at one point in the song. I think we have a spiritual connection..

I find it difficult to believe that Cosmic Egg is only Wolfmother's second album. What this band is gonna be able to do in the future will be very interesting to see. In the meanwhile, I need to go and buy myself their self-titled debut that features such hits as Woman.

Here's the official video for Cosmic Egg's New Moon Rising. Kinda psychedelic, which is fitting.

Hmm. Since I'm not very used to the optimistic/cheerful rock sound yet, I'm not gonna rate Cosmic Egg too high. I think it'll be exactly 7,4/10. A very good album but I don't feel like smiling all the time.  

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