Bad Blood (literally)

The Finnish female-fronted heavy rock group Lullacry has finally come back from the dead. 7 years have passed since their last album Vol. 4, and now the album Where Angles Fear will be released next month. The first single Bad Blood is already available on Spotify and in Facebook.

I have listened to this band quite a lot - the albums Be My God (2001) and Crucify My Heart (2003) are among the best female sung heavy rock albums that Finland has ever produced. Now it seems that the band has taken a turn for the worse, which is.. unfortunate, but not surprising. Seven years is a long time.

Bad Blood is not a good song. I don't like it. Lullacry sounds old and drunk. The production makes it sound like a demo song. Tanja's vocals are skanky and her English pronunciation is awful. It's an energetic song, I admit that, but the sort of energy you might find at a motorcycle club's party night where everyone's drunk and fighting. This is the image I get in my head from this song.
I guess they were aspiring for the same sort of energetic rock song like Fire within, which is an awesome song, but something, at some point, went terrible wrong. Unfortunately.

I'm sort of disappointed, but then again, I'm not. I've matured, Lullacry has only gotten old.

So, meh. 4/10. It will be interesting to see if the whole album will be this crappy.

Listen to these older Lullacry classics instead:
Without the Dreamer
Crucify My Heart
Alright Tonight
Fire within
Stranger in You

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