Cerebral Bore, you so funny

I had no idea Cerebral Bore's lyrics were the finest comedy ever until I took a closer look at the words Som so eloquently pronounces. And I nearly wet myself laughing. Here are just a few examples.

A-hem. Track 4, Open Casket Priapism. If you don't know what priapism is, let me enlighten you:
 n pathol prolonged painful erection of the penis, caused by neurological disorders, obstruction of the penile blood vessels, etc 

Because why wouldn't you make a song about.. uhh.. zombie rape priapism.

"[Cock, hard,] as we start
The strangest sight to behold
Cadavers, cold flesh and rock solid boab
A penis, you've only seen in nightmares
So solid, old folk and children it scares
Running around, from the cock of your dreams
Fleshy, veiny, scary
From the coffin into parishioners
Watch them run, fucking scared of the boab
Every step they take, they will be consumed
You can't run, up the bum, check the size of that chode
Pinstripe suit, with a rip in the gooch
He's come for you
He's gone commando, no more shame
Huge pants tent
Morticians fault, he is the one to blame
Open box, with a cock on the rocks
It's a phallic pipe
No more trousers, they are gone
Bifkin cone
Morticians fault, he is the one to blame"

Oh, what poetry! Speaks to my heart.
Read the rest of that thrilling priapism story here.

Track 5, Entombed in Butchered Bodies. Pretty basic cannibalistic poetry: "Dead people taste good, just like chicken." But what caught my attention was this:

"Ee pee oppa pee pee
Ee pee oppa, burst her cunt in!
Ee pee oppa pee pee
Ee pee oppa uhh!"

Ee pee oppa, burst her cunt in? :D Right, right, I get it! Listen to this at 2:55:

Ah, the beauty!! Cerebral Bore, I salute you!

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