Torture Killer - I Chose Death (2012)

One of Finland's finest death metal groups Torture Killer just released an EP, titled I Chose Death. About time, dudes.. Their last album Sewers came out in 2009 and I've been longing for new TK sweetness for a good while now. FINALLY it's here! The EP includes two new songs and a cover of Demigod's Succumb to Death.
Not surprisingly, with this release the band again introduces a new vocalist. They've had a different singer on every of the three full-lenghts and although all have been great singers, I was kinda hoping they'd stick with Juri Sallinen, the vocalist on Sewers, for future releases as well. I really dig his low, precise, grunting type of vocals and how they fit into Torture Killer's music. But, all good things must come to and end. Hoping to hear about him in his other projects.

However. If there's something we can be sure about, it is that Torture Killer would never get a bad vocalist. And they didn't do so this time either. The new guy, Mr. Haltsonen, is certainly different, but not in a bad way. Compared to Sallinen, I'd say his vocals are more down-to-earth, closer to what human grunting actually sounds like as opposed to Sallinen's very demonic delivery. I'm slightly sad they dumped Sallinen but I'm not disappointed with the new guy either.

The original songs on this EP are mid-paced, low-tuned, somewhat groovy, but not insanely brutal. I think I'm hearing a synth at the background in All Will End in Terror, which is a new addition for TK. Not bad. By and large, it is the preciseness and clarity of all the different elements working together that I enjoy most in Torture Killer and those elements can definitely be found on this EP. Death metal in the vein of Six Feet Under, which means that you can actually distinguish what's happening in the music - it's not drowned under fast grinding drum beats and guitar riffs. The production is a bit different on this EP, compared to their older sound: the sound is dirtier to a certain degree, which I hear particularly in the drums. It's a nice change and their style in the riffs and drums is so clean that they absolutely can afford some dirtiness in the sounds.

I Chose Death is a very solid release but not mind-blowingly eargastic. I'm hoping they're saving the big guns for the next full-lenght..

Here's the title song, I Chose Death. That guitar melody - punishing & evil.

Overall score for the EP: 8,5/10.

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