Why aren't there more female vocalists in metal?

Here's why.

Ugh.. Terrible. This is an excellent example of how female metal singers in metal often end up sounding, and I don't like it at all.
If there's anyone who likes this song, especially the vocals, could you explain why? Pwease?

My opinion is that for a metal vocalist it isn't enough to just break your voice and shout. I think good unclean vocals require a certain kind of depth in the voice, and that depth is more difficult for women to produce than men - simply for physiological reasons. Men have naturally lower voices so it's easier for them to get that depth in there.
I do respect any woman who has the balls to do anything in a predominantly masculine area of music, such as metal. As a female metal fan myself I am always interested in girls representing our gender in metal music. That being said, I do have very high standards for particularly unclean vocals and the above video is the brutal truth of what unclean female vocals tend to be, which is unfortunate. So, I don't have many favorite unclean vocalists that are women.

And I'm also tired of girls who sound like Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy. She has been great in paving the way for other women but she isn't a particularly awesome vocalist. She is not very versatile (although, she's better now than on her first AE albums). Nevertheless, she has the right attitude, which has been a very big factor in building her success.
My favorite unclean female vocalist is Som of Cerebral Bore - possibly because she just doesn't sound like a girl.

Cerebral Bore's new song Horrendous Acts of Iniquity was released just a few weeks ago. AWESOME.

Am I a chauvinist if I want my female vocalists in metal to sound like men?? :S

(Sidenote: Extreme metal genres aside, I do like some of the more hard rock style bands with girl singers who are not afraid of breaking their voices - bands like Kittie, My Ruin, Crucified Barbara, Kylesa (which I'll review in the near future). But the extreme uncleanliness is different and that's what I'm discussing here.)

Well, what it comes down to is what is traditional and what we are used to. Men were the ones who started doing unclean vocals in metal in the first place and men made it popular, so we're used to masculine unclean vocals sounding good. Fair-voiced women growling or shouting just sounds strange and unusual. I don't know if I'll ever get used to "girl growling", but we'll see. Not in the near future anyway.

Sorry if I offended anyone. This is only my opinion.

And, if you know any good extreme metal bands with good female vocalists, please tell me about them! I need moar!

Yay for poorly structured rants!