WTF of the day

A cappella metal? Seriously?

...I can't stop laughing. Those guys in the background doing dramatic hand gestures, trying to look metal, going "DUNN.... DUNN... DUN DUN.. WUB BUB BUB BUB BUB.." Guys.. GUYS. What the fuck are you doing.

It is funny how the popularization of metal has brought and continues to bring up these sorts of new attempts at merging metal with basically any style of music. Folk, electro, classical, hiphop... everything's been done. And now I find this as well. But it also seems there's an audience for everything, even for the above monstrosity. To each its own, I guess.

I feel that these days it becomes important for us metal fans to specify what kind of metal we are into. Probably a few decades ago you could've just said "I like metal" and people knew roughly what sort of bands you like, but nowadays you might want to specify that a little bit. I'd like to now specify that I don't like Van Canto.

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