FSF: Day 14

Moonsorrow - Kylän päässä

Final day of Favorite Song Fortnight! And I'm feeling nostalgic. You know, when I was young... like, 11 years ago, I used to sit down in front of my stereo every Sunday at 8 p.m. and listen to the best (and only) metal show on radio, Metalliliitto (Metal Union), hosted by, the one and only, Klaus Flaming. I always liked using cassette tapes, and I used them to record music probably a lot longer and later than anyone else, up until about 2006. I had dozens of tapes filled with songs recorded from the radio or from library cd's. During Metallilitto, I kept my finger on the record button at all times.. I've found many of my now favorite bands from that show.

;___; The show is dead now. Klaus is still on air, but on a crappy commercial radio channel.

Kids these days won't a.) recognize the object on the left, or
b.) know what the connection is between these two objects.

Anygays. I had Moonsorrow's Kylän päässä recorded on tape number 3, which I still own. And let me tell you. This song was the most atrocious combination of Finnish folk music and metal music I had ever heard. The melody in the verse - are they dancing jenkka while playing?? And accordion in a metal song?? Please, what the hell? I grew up listening to Finnish folk music (not my choice), mainly played by the accordion, so in 2001, at the gentle age of 14-15, I fucking hated that instrument, and those cheery melody structures. And yet, I heard this song and I liked it. Mostly I liked it because of the folk melodies and rhythms combined into the heaviness. The stupid accordion was there, the familiarity of the melodies was not going anywhere, but for some reason they didn't completely ruin the experience. Quite the contrary. Kylän päässä is a great, epic masterpiece.

Folk metal is big now but back in the early 2000's (hehe, that sounds funny) folk elements in metal music were new. And weird. Korpiklaani and Turisas were unheard of. Amorphis had paved the way in the nineties but then took a turn away with their 2001 album Am Universum. In 2001, bands with the most explicit folk influences in music were Finntroll, Moonsorrow, and Ensiferum. Ensiferum released their debut album that year. Kylän päässä, from Moonsorrow's album Voimasta ja kunniasta, is also from 2001, as well as Finntroll's great album Jaktens Tid.

I guess what Moonsorrow and all these other bands did was showed me another perspective into Finnish folk music and culture. One way to enjoy traditional music is through metal. Overall, the influences of both folk music and folklore in metal music have definitely opened my interest toward my nation's cultural legacy.
But... Moonsorrow, and this song in particular is pretty close to a certain line of my tolerance. I don't enjoy folk metal where the folk overshadows the metal. Finntroll and Moonsorrow are the only bands that know how to treat the accordion or violin in a way that does not annoy the shit out of me. I'm not ready for Turisas or Korpiklaani yet. No way. I guess I'm still in the process of growing out of my childhood trauma, of hearing stuff like this all the time... Oh, the horrors... >__<

It's a journey. And people are known to change. Maybe in 10 years I'll be playing the accordion and dancing jenkka at the same time.. Hmm..


  1. En muista, oliko sitä enää YleX-aikoihin, mutta ainakin Radiomafialla tuli vielä ennen Metalliliittoa Hard Rock Club. Tuli monet illat istuttua neljä tuntia putkeen radion vieressä aina valmiina painamaan rec-nappia :D

    1. Hei niin tulikin :) Sitä en niin fanaattisesti kuunnellut mutta muistan kyllä hämärästi.