FSF: Day 9

The Zombi - Nailed Down for Torture

Here's a band that I'll always be waiting like a long lost love. The Zombi is an unsigned Finnish death metal band that I found several years ago on a Finnish music sharing website, mikseri.net. They play very clean, precise, yet brutal death metal with horror themed lyrics. And it pleases my taste buds. Which are located in my ears.

But this band is also so very, very annoying. They make awesome music but release only a few songs every few years. ARGH. The last ones, including Nailed Down for Torture, are from a 2009 EP, titled The Rottening. That was three years ago already. Dear mister Zombies, Y U NO RELEASE MOAR SONGS?

I just cannot understand how a band this awesome is still unsigned! Record label people, DO SOMETHING, goddamnit.

Check them out on their website or on Spotify.


  1. Sama tarina mun kohdalla. Mikseristä bongattua, The Rottening löytyy hyllystä. Miksei lisää biisejä :(

    1. Koettelevat kärsivällisyyttämme, mokomat :/