Meanwhile, in Norway

Found this at the toilet of Tromsø university library..

"Dubstep is not black metal."  KVLT.

I don't think this was just a general observation that the author made. I don't think they wrote this because of a sudden realization: "Oh, dubstep and black metal are NOT the same music." So, it's interesting to delve into the metaphorical content of the statement, for example: Dubstep is not black metal in the sense that black metal is true, original, ideological, anarchist, pleasant to the ear... Norwegian? In which case black metal would be the better of these two and dubstep the opposite of black metal. The black and grim font in which this is written would also suggest to this conclusion. But on the other hand, it could've also been that the author hates black metal and loves dubstep and with this wanted to emphasize that dubstep is nothing like the stupid black metal, which is all that Norway seems to be. A different view to the cultural legacy of black metal.

Erhm. I think that the first option is more likely. Norway and black metal are, in the end, almost synonymous.. But I must say, I haven't seen as many (black) metal heads here than I would've thought. Maybe they only come out at night.

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