Dauden - Dauden (2011, I think)

You know when you're sometimes just in need of some sort of music, you put your mp3 player on shuffle (everyday I'm shuffling, in case you haven't noticed), and there it fucking is. Tonight on the 31st of January, or the 1st of February 2013, I find myself sitting in the night bus and hearing these unholy tunes flowing into my earholes and into my brain and I'm looking at the city lights, reflected on the calm and dark sea, and I'm like... shame on me for not doing this before.

Dauden is a Norwegian black metal band with the coolest logo on earth, and even though they are from the very south (I'm all for the north, baby) of Norway (Sarpsborg, well, not as south as Kristiansand but very close to Oslo) I feel a chilling arctic breeze blowing into my general direction as I listen to them - despite the sound of a burning church (I assume, what else could they be burning) in the beginning of the song Goatblessed.

Perfect production is a major factor in this band that appeals to me, but even if you had perfect production and crappy songs, you would not convince me. So the songs are very skillfully crafted, the sort of vicious and faster version of Taake you might come across every now and then, if you're lucky. Ok, it's not very original, but who gives a shit. In the sea of hundreds of Norwegian black metal bands who are all trying to be grimmer than the other, fucking skill is easily detectable. These dudes know how to make songs, they know how to craft riffs. And the singer is fucking phenomenal. Drummer as well. Not to mention the guitarist and bassist. Shit, they're all fucking awesome.

I just wish I could transfer this feeling onto the keyboard right now but I lack. I lack the ungodly talent these fellows clearly possess. So if you're reading this, listening to Dauden, I hope you feel the same. Spread the word motherfuckers.

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