Past lives pt 1

Reptile Master (+Next Life) 19.1.2013

One of Tromsø's biggest festivals is the annual International Film Festival organized each January. Music plays a role in the movie theme as well, sometimes in very creative ways. I mentioned the Final Fantasy VII themed Next Life concert in my Next Life EP review so I will not dig deeper into that, but I must say a few words about Reptile Master, who were the other band in this double-concert. Jesus fucking christ what a band! They play sludgy, insanely heavy and INSANELY hypnotizing doom metal. Emphasis on INSANELY hypnotizing. I felt like I was transferred into another dimension during their show. The vintage (or pseudo-vintage) movie clips reflected on the screen played a big role in the hypnosis, but the music had the leading role. The film clips had strange themes of ancient Egypt, devil worship, volcanos, and.... Look! 

I'm pretty sure I will die if I don't see Reptile Master live again before I leave Norway. With or without the movie theme. This particular show goes into the top 5 of my mind-blowing life shows, no doubt about that.
Check out Reptile Master on Facebook. And here's a clip of an older show they had last autumn:

I just feel like shouting JESUS FUCKING CHRIST each time I listen to that.. I think I'm in love or something.

All glory to the hypnotoad Reptile Master!

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