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This spring seems to be like an early (or late) Christmas for metal-minded people. At least for me. A few sneak peaks have already shook the ground under my feet, here are some thoughts on them.


Kvelertak - Bruane Brenn

The long wait for Kvelertak's second album will finally be over at the end of this month  as they'll release Meir. The first track they published from the new album, with a video and all, was Bruane Brenn. I have slightly mixed feelings about it. Yes, it is a good song. Guaranteed Kvelertak energy that will make you wanna jump all over the place (despite where you might be, and when). BUT. Where is the Norwegian vicious darkness on this track, I ask? There are hardly any elements from extreme metal. For me, the thing I love about Kvelertak is the combination of extreme/black metal vibes to the hardcore, and the rock 'n' roll. This song could hardly be labeled as black 'n' roll, which was Kvelertak's original genre on their first album.
The hardcore vocals are the only thing that heavifies this song. So PLZ. I want to hear blast beats and black metal riffs on the new album! Don't reduce your style to hard 'n' roll. MER SVART. Før helvete!
Nevertheless, a good song is a good song is a good song. 8,8/10.


Kylesa - Unspoken

Yaaah. Kylesa is the realization of my wet dreams. Their new song Unspoken from the upcoming album Ultraviolet (which will be released in May) sounds too good to be true, to be honest. The greatest eargasm I've experienced in a long time. Dark and crawling, haunting, mysterious, all coated with the dirty sludge sound that they've always been masters at creating. The wait for this album will be long and torturing... Two more months! Agh. 9,5/10.
Also, if I could choose to be anyone for one day, or one night, even, I'd choose to be Laura Pleasants of Kylesa. For me she's probably the most interesting female figure in the metal world.


Torture Killer - Written in Blood

Torture Killer's new album Phobia will be released exactly one week from now (March 15th). The song Written in Blood, released today, presents a rockier take on death metal from the more brutal sound we've been used to before with Torture Killer. Refreshingly, although a bit backward-refreshingly (I can say that, shut up) Chris Barnes takes care of the vocals and the lyrics on this song. The effect is guaranteed to deathrock (I can say that, shut up), like a... tortured... zombie. The good thing is, though, that they have their own permanent singer now and Chris Barnes is a mere visitor.

Suomi-tärppi: pakko arvostaa Levykauppa Äxän mainostekstejä, jotka hyvin usein osuvat kuin nyrkki silmään. Phobian sivulla Äxässä sanotaan näin: "Nimibiisin alkuriffillä lähtee kärpäset korvista ja kakkaraidat kalsareista, aijjaijjai!" :) Aika kovaa kyytiä saa olla jos kakkaraidatkin lähtee kalsareista. Sitäpä odotellessa!


Finntroll - Blodsvept

Turning a slightly bit away from the troll-folk sound, are we? I'm sensing a bit of a straightforward death metalish vibe on this new Finntroll song, especially up until the middle part. Not as much folk going on, and definitely not as much extreme ends of either side; dark or bright. I can just reminisce back to when I heard Solsagan the first time, which was the first release of Finntroll's last album, Nifelvind. That was mindblowing. Blodsvept does not reach that kind of epicness, or reduce the listener to tears (What? That can totally happen with Finntroll.), but still, there's nothing in this song that I don't like. Just don't lose the trolls in you, Finntroll.
New album (also called Blodsvept) will be released the 25th of this month.

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