Past lives pt 2

I'm a bit behind in writing about all the concerts I've wanted to write about. Here are a few from earlier this spring.

Skada Vara 23.2.2013 & 30.4.2013

Something other than metal for a change. I don't mind reggae and I don't mind ska, but I'm not too familiar with the genre as I've been busy adventuring on the dark side. I've listened to the occasional Bob Marley, Toots and the Maytals, and for a while in the past I was really into the Finnish ska band Goon. I realize now that I should find out more about this genre because experiencing ska/reggae live apparently works like medicine for me. Seriously, I was smiling all throughout the concerts! Like a crazy person! And slightly shaking my ass and everything! Magical, magical.

Crappy mobile phone photos FTW.. 30.4.2013.
Skada Vara are a local band from Tromsø, and they sing in Norwegian (a  northern dialect, if I'm not mistaken). I find this combination of an arctic language and warm (hot!) music intriguing. It wouldn't be the same in English. More than anything this band is about having a good time, peace and love, and taking it easy. And positive energy. Simply wonderful.

The first time I saw them they played alone, but the next time on 30.4. their show was part of the Dread Light District tour with two other bands, Bislaget and Dread Men Walking. The concert place (Roadhouse) was swarming with dreadlocks and people who were seemingly happy; smiling, relaxed and enjoying themselves. It was refreshing to see a different type of crowd from what I'm used to. Less wasted and less violent.. ;)

Cool photos from the 23.2. show here and here.

Listen to Skada Vara on Reverbnation and check out their Facebook!


Rammsund 16.3.2013

Aaaand back to metal. I like the concept of cover songs and cover bands. You know. It would be stupid to restrict the performing and playing of awesome music to its original creators. This in mind, I was very excited to find out that there is a Norwegian Rammstein cover band who play good old Rammstein songs in Nynorsk - and that they would be playing their first show in two years here in Tromsø. Nynorsk ("New Norwegian") is one of the two official written forms of the Norwegian language, originally created in the 1800s to separate Norwegian from Danish. Nynorsk is more based on dialects than the other written Norwegian, bokmål.

Anyway. Rammsund has basically translated the German in Rammstein into Nynorsk, in which case for example Feuer Frei! becomes Fyr laus!, and Du Riechst So Gut becomes Du duftar godt. Otherwise Rammsund stays true to the style of Rammstein and doesn't improvise too much with the music. They even perform and look a lot like Rammstein, which I don't mind at all. At the concert, the only song they played with the original lyrics was Pussy. Makes sense. Somehow I wouldn't like to hear that in Norwegian. (....what??) All in all, they played both new and old Rammstein songs at the concert, and they played well. The energy was almost tangible and the band clearly enjoyed themselves; the guitarist had an euphoric smile on his face the whole time and the singer took advantage of the venue's (Studenthuset driv) wooden structures by climbing all over the place like a monkey. Check out photos from the show here.

Here's a video of Du duftar godt. Enjoy!

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