Past Lives pt. 5-6: Best of 2014

We're in February 2015 already, but I guess it's alright to go back to 2014 for a second to reminisce about the concerts I attended last year. If I was a good blogger, I would have written a separate story of each one, preferably immediately after the occasion, including photos, possibly videos... But I didn't. Bad blogger! >:(

Nevertheless. Here is a list of (most of) the concerts I saw last year, and after the list some thoughts about the most memorable ones. (All photos by me. ME!)


29.1.14 Spiders, Kvelertak @ Lutakko
31.1.14 Tuhonsiemen, The Crescent, Alghazanth @ Lutakko
6.2.14 Frosttide, Finntroll @ Lutakko
13.2.14 Fear of Domination, Turmion Kätilöt @ Lutakko
8.3.14 Kamala, Red Eleven @ Lutakko
21.3.14 Kuolemanlaakso @ Musta Kynnys
4.4.14 The Scientists, Bob Malmström, Iiwanajulma, KYPC @ Rentukka
11.4.14 Saturnian Mist, Verge, Charnel Winds @ Lutakko
16.4.14 Conan, Church of Void @ Lutakko
25.4.14 Stam1na @ Lutakko
8.5.14 Insomnium @ Lutakko
24.5.14 Impaled Nazarene @ Ilokivi
27.6.14 Fubear, Magic Meredith @ Katse
25.-26.7.14 Kuopio RockCock: Poisonblack, Turmion Kätilöt, 2 Times Terror, Lost Society, Kotiteollisuus, Stam1na
29.-30.8.14 Lutakko Liekeissä: Looptroop Rockers, Truckfighters, Ghost Brigade, Paperi T & Khid, Oranssi Pazuzu, Honningbarna, Beastmilk, Entombed A.D., Tombstoned, Talbot
6.9.14 Die So Fluid @ Musta Kynnys
12.9.14 Sumia, Red Eleven @ Lutakko
18.9.14 Musta Risti, Jex Thoth @ Lutakko
3.10.14 Trauma Field, Lovijatar, Church of Void @ Ilokivi
14.10.14 Revocation, Aeon, Cannibal Corpse @ Lutakko
1.11.14 Light of the Black Sun II: Lantern, Blood Red Fog, Black Death @ Ilokivi
9.11.14 Mayhem, Blodhemn @ Lutakko
12.12.14 My Grimace, Thyrien, Vorna @ Ilokivi
18.12.14 Blues Pills @ Lutakko


Deepest impressions were left by:

Iiwanajulma 4.4.2014 @ Rentukka

Iiwanajulma is THE Finnish band whose music has reached me on a personal level more than most others. Needless to say, I was extremely excited to see them live for the first time. And boy, did they deliver.. Despite a small crowd they played with such passion and energy that it made me applaud myself for having such a great taste in music (!!). The show consisted mostly of songs from the newest Iiwanajulma album, Hallelujah, which were all wonderful, but Jesus Christ was I in euphoria when they played BingoBango from the previous album (Tuhottu tila). My ultimate mental health song. Thank you, thank you! I could not have asked for more.

Iiwanajulma 040414

Church of Void 16.4.2014 @ Lutakko & 3.10.2014 @ Ilokivi

I've mentioned the April concert of Church of Void before, but I want to include it here as well - in addition to the October concert. (I would also mention CoV's wonderful concert from a few weeks back, but that was in 2015 already...) I guess the April concert, with its warmth, opened the secrets of the Void for me, and after that it's been an adventurous ride. For me it's also opened another intriguing door - namely, into the world of music on a more personal level, and I've experience one of my favorite bands from more aspects than the usual one. This is all thanks to the small world we live in.
Thus far I've seen Church of Void live four times, and every single time it's been an experience of its own. This band is a live band more than anything. Their dedication and trance-like immersion in their performance guarantee a memorable experience in the audience.. Plus you never know what'll happen during their shows. Warm meets cold, violence meets romance. It's an adventure.

Church of Void 031014 

Oranssi Pazuzu 29.8.2014 @ Lutakko Liekeissä

Holy motherfucking balls of Satan and God in heaven and all the saints and Jesus Christ's tits, combined. I don't remember being this mesmerized by a band or a concert in a long while. During this concert everything was just as it was supposed to be - the right state of mind, the perfect spot in the audience, the perfect level of intoxication. My soul fled my body and travelled into the psychedelic black metal dimension that is Oranssi Pazuzu. My experience was completed the next day when I realized someone had thrown a MUSHROOM against the livingroom window. And I was like, goddamnit. This is a sign. It was the fucking spirits of that concert. Doing this shit. Throwing mushrooms. After that I've been enlightened. 

Oranssi Pazuzu 290814

 Jex Thoth 18.9.2014 @ Lutakko

A fair continuation to the last hypnotism; Jex Thoth's seremony in September. This psychedelic hippie doom rite was strangely close and personal, despite the fact that the band did not speak one word to the audience in between songs. But I felt so warm, and I couldn't keep my eyes off of the lovely high priestess Jex who was physically there but mentally she was a fucking.. bird! I felt like being in the middle of an art installation. And I gotta say, I love it that this year I've found some wonderful female musicians to build musical obsessions on. About time! In this sense, the rise of hippie music has been a blessing. P.S. JEX, I love you.

Jex Thoth 180914

14.10.2014 Cannibal Corpse @ Lutakko

Ok, fuck hippies for a while. This night I remember being a bit sick and not totally in the most favourable state of mind for a live show, but already after the fucking Swedish Deicide, namely, Aeon, who were the first warm-up act of the night, I was like, let's fucking do this shit.. And when Cannibal Corpse entered the stage, it hit me: That I am now witnessing one of the biggest legends of death metal, live, in our tiny little Finnish town of Jyväskylä. Then the violence began, and I had to struggle not to keep a smile on my face throughout the show... How can something so brutal vibrate such positive energy?? I don't know, but I adore Cannibal Corpse for it.

Cannibal Corpse 141014

9.11.2014 Mayhem @ Lutakko

Continuing with legends. What a better way to spend a Father's Day than to bow down to the father of black metal, that is, the True Mayhem. I went to the concert with no expectations, but ended up being blown away by the dark dedication that these guys (still) have. Not the least bit fake in anything they did on stage, but it's interesting to think whether they get that confidence out of the worshiping (and frightened?) audience before them, or does it come purely from within. Maybe both? However it may be.. Attila by himself is an incredible singer and a performer. He had a skull and some bones that he played with, and of course, OF COURSE, the local newspaper in their review contemplated whether those bones perhaps belonged to the late Euronymous ("the skull was too unbroken to be Dead's").. Gimme a goddamn break. Mayhem just cannot get rid of their past. Maybe they don't even want to. Whatever the case may be, I feel that their past might sometimes come in way of the Mayhem that they are today. Euronymous and Dead are fucking DEAD, and without them, the band is spectacular in what they are now.

Mayhem 091114
 18.12.2014 Blues Pills @ Lutakko

Yeah, remember that comment I made about hippie music and the lovely women earlier.. If Jex Thoth was the dark mysterious queen of hippie doom, Elin Larsson of Blues Pills is the bright princess of psychedelic rock who will make everything alright.. I heard she was a bit sick on the day of this concert, and I think I could hear it in her voice from the videos I watched later of the show, but during the concert, not a goddamn sign of any malfunction. The band radiated an amazingly good feeling and positivity, despite the partly dark themes in their songs. I guess it's in the melodies and ways of expression, ways of performing.. I think it's also refreshing for me to get excited of a band and a live show that is not heavy in most senses. I guess I'm proud of myself, that I'm not annoyed by the positive, bright power that I feel with Blues Pills.. (Lol. I'm a fucking grown ass woman... Gotta remind myself...)

Blues Pills 181214

Honorable mentions:

For black metal mesmerization: The Crescent, Verge, Blood Red Fog, Black Death.
For rock n roll and attitude: Die So Fluid.
For Norway: Kvelertak, Honningbarna, Blodhemn.
For dance: Finntroll, Turmion Kätilöt, 2 Times Terror.
For dark alternative hiphop: Paperi T & Khid.
For the most Finnish feeling in ages: Vorna.

Peace out, and see you at this year's concerts!


  1. I hate you so fucking much...

    I think that this year, I went to like 2 concerts ! How do you dare going out all the time like that !

    But hell, at the very least I was on the Mayhem show and I totally concur with you: Great fucking show !

    Nice writing too. Write more ! I want a review of the Moonsorrow concert, so that I may hate you even more !


    1. <3 Thanks bro!
      Life is choices, and I've chosen to go to concerts, which in turn means that I don't buy cd's as much anymore etc. But I think it's worth it..

      But uhm.. I didn't go to the Moonsorrow concert... :D

    2. Ok, then I shall not hate you as much.
      But I don't care, this summer I WILL go to as many motherfucking concerts as possible, but need to deal with that damn master first...