Update 10/2015

Commence blog activation!!!

- This year I've listened a lot to Susanne Sundfør's latest album Ten Love Songs (came out in February), which is a complete masterpiece of electropop with strange 80s disco vibes incorporated to e.g., baroque and orchestral shenanigans. Most of all the album is about (you guessed it) love songs, which are so dramatic yet realistic that anyone who's ever experienced anything in the realm of romantic love will find a thing or two or a hundred to relate to. And no worries, it is not the yucky kind of love songs. (Listen.)

- In early summer I found the best death metal band I have heard in years: Vorum. They are from Åland islands between Finland and Sweden, which is a stupidly easy explanation (that I made up) for their awesomeness. I have never been in love with true Swedish old school death metal, but these guys make the old school sound catchy - and I suppose it's because they are sort of Finnish, but also a tiny bit Swedish, and probably understand the Swedish scene because of that, and by combining these cultural traits they are able to create this wonderful violence of hooks after fucking hooks which never end, it's unbelievable. Their 2013 album Poisoned Void is hands down one of the best metal albums I've ever heard. (Listen.)

- Earlier this week I kept wondering what the hell happened to System of a Down after Toxicity, but specifically after Steal This Album, and why the fuck Hypnotize is such an awful album but their debut is absolute gold. I also wondered why I listen to Limp Bizkit so much in my constant crave for late 90s alternative metal. (I have not found answers.)

- Since a few months I've been listening way too much to weird Finnish dark gangsta rap and I've been proud of finding something wonderful in such awful music, because others can't seem to get it; only me and a bunch of teenagers actually understand what this shit is about. IT'S SERIOUS MOM. (Listen.)

- Räpistä puheenollen, olen myös kuunnellut hävyttömät määrät Paperi T:tä ja kuuluttanut kovaan ääneen miten MÄ TAJUUN sitä koska kävin kerran Kalliossa ja koska ymmärrän kolme sen kirjallisuusreferenssiä. Oikeesti kysehän on siitä, miten Papru on niin herkkä ja avoin ja puhuu rakkaudesta ja tytöistä ja elämästä niin kauniisti ja aidosti ja runollisesti mutta vähän rivosti ja sillä on niin ihanat hiukset ja silmät. No mut OIKEESTI tykkään myös noista pimeistä biiteistä (sen takia kuuntelen myös noita Menetettyjä.) enkä todellakaan ole yhtään geneerinen Paperi T:n humanistityttöfani. (Kuuntele.)

- Paperi T:stä puheenollen, Pyhimyksen uutta levyä Pettymys on hehkutettu hurjasti ja ok, voi se ollakin sen arvoinen. Itse olen toistaiseksi jumissa muutamassa ko. levyn biisissä: Häiriintyny ja Sipuli. Mielestäni Häiriintyny on hienoimpia suomalaisia räppibiisejä vähään aikaan, siinä missä Sipuli on kerrankin positiivisessa mielessä samaistuttava pikkuveisu introverteista. Noita lukuunottamatta, uutta levyä enemmän kuuntelussa on ollut Pyhimyksen levy Paranoid vuodelta 2011, joka on paljon ahdistavampi kuin Pettymys. Pyhimyksessä kiehtoo suorapuheisuus, melankolisuus, aspergeriläppä, antiromantiikka ja musta huumori. Tähän saakka. Niin ja ihan vitun killeriflow ja hyvät taustat. (Biisit, biitit? Kuinka siihen itse musiikkiin tulisi viitata hiphopissa?) Toisaalta Pyhimyksellä on välillä hyvin geneerisiä kertsejä, joista en tykkää. Lisää pimeyttä! (Kuuntele Häiriintyny.)

- My life is also so much better after I found the alternate meaning of life in Dying Fetus' Killing on Adrenaline (1998 album). That drum sound alone is purely eargastic and I've immersed myself in dreams of becoming a death metal drummer one day, which is totally possible, isn't it, even if the last time I physically touched a drum set was probably 16 years ago. It is totally possible that the next time I touch drums, I will play Intentional Manslaughter (manslaughter, man's laughter), impeccably. Gotta have dreams, man. (Listen.)

- This year I have also visited the first ever rave party of my life, and danced to varying styles of electronic music in other occasions as well. What I've found is that the repetitiveness of e.g., house or psyche trance music can induce a similar trance (unintentional repetition of words, sorry) that I've reached at black metal, doom or drone concerts. Trance is a trance - at a rave it's created through dancing in the flashing lights and smoke to repetitive, beating music, whereas at a metal concert it comes through finding a comfortable spot in the audience and focusing on the performing band and the music they are raping your ears with. Apropos, I reached the best metal trance this year at a Dark Buddha Rising concert. There I did not need to use my own body as much as at a rave - apart from keeping my feet on the ground and swaying to the music while trying to hold my beer carrying hand still. A mysterious trance was reached. (Listen to some psychtrance.)

Aaaah that felt good! I should do this more often.


  1. A rave...really...that's not very true young lady...neither is limp biscuit ! I however second SOAD (But honestly, Toxicity is better) and I might have to try Vorum one of these days (or weird Finnish gangsta rap...)

  2. Nope. Nor is listening to bey's new single. You can try, but you never will !